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Springtime Omelette with Ramps, Mushrooms and Parmesan Cheese

Nothing says spring like ramps, a type of wild onion and I found a great source today at my local farmers market along with some crimini mushrooms. What a great duo, along with some parmesan cheese and fresh herbs, for a fantasticly fresh omelette.. Be careful not to get the heat to high so it won't burn -- my pet peeve!

Prep Time: 20 minutes


(for one omelette)
6 ramp bulbs - washed, trimmed and diced
6 crimini mushrooms - washed, trimmed and sliced
1 ounce fresh Parmesan cheese
3 eggs
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
marjoram or other fresh herbs - chopped
salt and pepper


  1. Wash, trim and prep ramps and mushrooms. Slice Parmesan cheese.
  2. Break eggs into a medium-sized bowl, add water and whisk until frothy.
  3. Heat sauté pan. Add olive oil then mushrooms. Cook until mushrooms begin to soften, about 3 minutes. Add ramps and continue to cook for another couple of minutes. Transfer vegetables onto a dish. Wipe down sauté pan carefully.
  4. Heat sauté pan again on medium-low heat. Add butter and let melt. Add egg mixture.
  5. Once eggs begin to cook around perimeter, take rubber spatula and gently move outer edge toward the middle of the pan and allowing liquid to move into the space. Continue around pan as the edges begin to cook. Once the mixture has begun to congeal and is no longer a liquid, add mushrooms, ramps, cheese and herbs. (I like to place a domed pan lid over the omelette for a minute just to allow the cheese to melt some.)
  6. Loosen one end of the omelette from the pan and fold it into the middle. Do the same for the other end so that your result is a tri-fold omelette. Let cook on low for another minute or until the cheese looks like it's melted.
  7. Serve immediatly topped with a sprig of herbs.

Healthy Fare for Kids Meal

One-half of omelette served with a slice of multi-grain toast and a half cup of fruit. 

Prep Skills

Watch Jacques Pépin make an omelette two classical ways

Good Food Thoughts

Try to buy local ingredients and visit your local farmers market

Equipment Needed

sharpened chefs knife

cutting board and non-slip mat or damp dishcloth

sauté pan

rubber spatula

mixing bowl


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