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How do chefs and families create healthy and delicious meals for kids if the distribution channel – food manufacturers, foodservice distributors, grocery stores, etc. – doesn’t offer healthier items? Each link in this chain has the opportunity to champion a solution in creating healthier meals.

It’s smart business too! Parents are demanding healthier meals for kids when dining out as well as using their purchasing power aimed at healthier food to create meals at home. And, it’s not just parents but caretakers, grandparents and others who are responsible for the food kids eat.

Let’s start a conversation today on how Healthy Fare for Kids today can create benefits for your business or community.

Welcome Da Becca Natural Foods

Food Businesses | Healthy Fare for Kids

We are happy to introduce DaBecca Natural Foods, our first sponsor of Healthy Fare for Kids.

For the past 25 years, DaBecca has been committed to delivering meat products with the highest level of health benefits while yielding premier taste that comes from using “old fashioned” methods that exceeds industry standards. DaBecca guarantees that their meats are:

  • Raised without the use of antibiotics
  • Free of nitrities and nitrates or growth hormones
  • No artificial additives
  • Gluten and Allergen-free

DaBecca sells their meats at Whole Foods nationwide as well as at Bristol Farms, HEB Central Market and other locations. Find out where to buy DaBecca Natural Foods For food businesses, please contact us to sample our products.

And soon, look for the Healthy Fare for Kids logo on selected DaBecca Natural Foods packages, certifying them as an essential part of a Healthy Fare for Kids meal.

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